Editions Of You by Roxy Music

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Hell yeah.   1

Kid_Dada 7 Sep 2015

My favourite Roxy Music track. Avant-garde POP.   13

Bukowski 29 Oct 2012

Warholian avant-garde art POP!   7

Bukowski 25 May 2012

jam jammed so hard i jammed

CosmicCabby 18 May 2015

whenever this song comes on, R gets right down to business with a saucy, gaze-locked, over-the-top goofy-hammy, bounce-up-and-down singalong that makes my day. this happens in cars, at the breakfast table, wherever. so i'm glad it came up on his feed today; i needed the cheer.   1

ifjuly 7 Aug 2014

The Brian Eno fabulousness in this is the best part.

bjr70 24 Sep 2014