More Than This by Roxy Music

strawberrygirl’s jam on 14 Jan ’13 and then once after that (See all)

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but kfw was first  

Feeling down? This song is for you.   1

larrycolborne1 23 Feb 2015

Now this is a rock 'n' roll video!   14

CaptainJam 9 Feb 2014

Oh,i know.I could've chosen an influential one like 'Remake/Remodel,or a classic like 'Virginia Plain'.But if ever i will get to drive on Route 66,in a convertible,sun blazing,stereo tuned into WKPL Radio(or something like that),then this is a perfect song for them to play. #RoxyMusic #Avalon #BryanFerry   5

paininthebrum 27 May 2013

"Maybe I'm learning why the sea on the tide has no way of turning..." #eternaljam   7

MJHasOwlEyes 2 Oct 2014

This song takes me back, it's really hitting the spot today.   1

GSA219 29 May 2015


andykhouri 12 Mar 2012