remake remodel by Roxy Music

“This has been getting played a lot...”

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This has been getting played a lot...

jimunwin 5 Nov 2014

As a kid hearing this song, the lead-off track to their 1972 debut album, I was simply mystified. The song made little sense and Bryan Ferry's voice alone caused me stress. Today, of course, I can only wish I was as cool as my mate Frank Lambert who dug this song on first listen. I'm hardly the same musically conservative kid I once was because eventually I came around to the brilliance that is Roxy Music.   5

AheadByEcho 1 May 2015

Rough and ready early Roxy in their pomp. CPL 593 H!!

peter7062 3 Feb 2014

1972   3

row5seat125 19 Dec 2014

Worth staying until the end for the drum solo..........   4

JamieOPR 29 Jun 2015

Roxy Music at their finest. Bowie borrowed so much from them...

jameswillweb 31 Jul 2014