It's Over by Roy Orbison


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When it comes to the point it's quite hard to pick an absolutely final jam, relevant yet a top-notch song. Here it is then. Also happens to be my 300th jam. Thanks to all the great people I've met here for all the marvellous commentary and friendship, and for posting such brilliant music, which (at least until the invention of Apple Music) has resulted in serious detriment to my bank account because of the immediate need to purchase something I've liked. If we can re-create anything half as good as TIMJ we will be doing well. See you in the next place I hope (I'm in all three). #FinalJamDay   11

obadiah99 25 Sep 2015

Went under some duress to see The Battle of Britain Anniversary Air Show on Saturday. Believe me I'm not that guy,(at least I don't think I am) but it didn't stop it from being one of the most touching and spiritual moments I've experienced. Also went to see Stewart Lee at Bush Hall on Friday and sat in the front row!!! Not a good way to feel relaxed.   24

kemiladashdot 21 Sep 2015

It's over

moongolfer 23 Sep 2015

#MTBMonday at 8pm tonight and we're asking 'What you do straight after a ride?' Join in!

PureMountains 21 Jan 2013

My Jam when I finish writing these fucking scripts!

wyattmontgomer 23 Jan 2013

I'm so happy not to have to be at work. Sorry Thorpe Park, the Big O's got a message for you. "It's Over" :-)

Parkerwyeth 22 May 2013