Figure It Out by Royal Blood

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"Royal Blood" is one hell of a debut album. Acquaint yourself immediately.   8

CallumPetch 26 Aug 2014

#Top31Tracksof2014: Royal Blood's meteoric ascendance in the UK is both a major surprise for me, because their music is so much heavier than the stuff that usually gains traction with the general public, and really bloody obvious, because the band write excellent and damn catchy songs. Nevertheless, it's been real heartening to see and they really do deserve it. As to why "Figure It Out" is the track on this countdown? It's the outro. It will always be that wonderful outro. #bestof2014   1

CallumPetch 23 Jan 2015

It's like The White Stripes & Band of Skulls had a baby....a big fat awesome baby!

punboy007 2 Apr 2015

Two guys - one on bass, the other on drums. This is great stuff! :)

JayWatson 12 Jul 2015

I am loving these guys!! <3   7

Bonhauch 18 Aug 2014

Stuck in my head all weekend since using it as pre-game music   10

mloup 2 Mar 2015