Little Monster by Royal Blood

“I've got love on my fingers Lust on my tongue #tune

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I've got love on my fingers Lust on my tongue #tune

abunchofletters 1 Sep 2014

Its similar to Death from Above 1979 yet it somehow retains its own identity in avoiding DFA1979's dancy-ness.   2

colinmerlin 28 Apr 2015

Made me 'prick up my ears ' on the radio at work today .

stevello57 28 Jun 2015

I'm going to write a full review of Splendour in the next few days, but Royal Blood had the set of the festival. These guys are so bloody amazing.

FunkyJ 27 Jul 2015

Royal Blood make a heck of a fine racket for only 2 people - and not a 6-string guitar in sight, whatever next... #royalblood   6

kerlmann 7 May 2014

Desperately need a Royal Blood album, these riffs are too good.   1

elzferno 10 Feb 2014