Röyksopp Forever by Röyksopp

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I think as well as it being for everybody else, this one is particularly for @Steve_Marshall. This duo is the daddy of them all for me. This track is from 'Junior' 2009 and contains a sample of "Suites for My Lady" by Skylark, link for comparison http://tinyurl.com/nv9tc9.  Hope you like both versions. #ElectronicEcstacy   4

jovisgoesnuts 19 Jan 2014

That key change though ...

solearther 16 Mar 2015

This hit the spot... :-)

marenabronson 15 Apr 2014

Love a track that gets better as it goes along.   4

daftmonk 16 Jan 2013

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Swami 21 Aug 2015

I liked playing Lindstrom for you, so I guess I'm stopping in Norway this week. I've loved Röyksopp since Melody AM in 2002. There are so many of their tracks that I'd like to share with you that I may now stay here for the rest of the week. #jovisgoeselectronicinNorway Hope you like it.   1

jovisgoesnuts 27 Nov 2013