Feel The Love by Rudimental

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but kieransilver was first  

My earworm of the last few days.Love it.

jammyofstafford 17 May 2014

Still love this track. Makes my heart soar.

richardsedley 10 Jul 2015

Always good. #rudimental

bradscanlan 30 Sep 2014

Dancing by Nonstop (Same guy from the Pump Up Kicks dubstep video). Thanks Amanda for showing me this jam

SeeDub3 23 Aug 2012

Can you feel it too?

pointsofdata 25 Jun 2014

This song is tinged with reggae, from the organ to the brass inflections (and trumpet solo) and the almost swing feel of the percussive rhythms towards the end. John Newman's powerful vocal stands up to the frenetic production and compliments the reggae influences.   4

phantomstar 3 Aug 2015