Close Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck) by Run The Jewels [Feat. Zack de la Rocha]

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but patpromise was first  

Great song. Great Video.   1

mpgabster 8 Jun 2015

London tonight. And tomorrow. And every day after. For the next Five Years.

justjoe 9 May 2015


grillpanda 14 Oct 2014

This week's New Reels looks at this hip-hop collaboration and its video which continues a trend spotted by MVD for videos dealing with current race and law enforcement issues in America. We hope you enjoy!   2

MVD 30 Mar 2015

Biegaj klejnoty

Smiglef 10 Aug 2015

I've been banging this album for weeks and still love it. Zack de la Rocha can rap for reals.   1

poodawg 15 Jan 2015