Close Your Eyes And Count To Fuck by Run the Jewels

“Absolutely huge song”

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Absolutely huge song

sachincroker 4 Nov 2014

A wise man once said, "we all dead; fuck it."

msdixon 6 Jun 2015

I'm Miles ahead of you / You can sip my Bitches Brew

jeremyturner 26 Apr 2015

I rarely venture into the world of Hip-Hop these days though love this.   1

Dkayling 11 Jan 2015

r r r r running too fast r r r running too fast

culturalfatwa 5 Jan 2015

Last album was by far one of the best hip hops of 2013, and if this song is anything to go by, it looks like they're set to do it again (plus it features Zack de la Rocha!)

LegoTrip 15 Oct 2014