Only Love Can Break Your Heart by Saint Etienne

“Awesome Neil Young covers week continues....”

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Awesome Neil Young covers week continues....

blaineharrison 31 Aug 2012

Probably the track that made me fall in love with St Etienne (amongst others - Western Winds is also blimmin' lovely too). Probably heresy to say that I like this better than Neil Young's original :)

pjmaybe 29 Jun 2015

A very very important song for us. Very   7

joliecherie 19 Apr 2012

Still on the mix tape from 1991 tip...   3

Charlotta 20 Oct 2011

As close as I can get to a St George. #favcover from late 80s #indie legends.   3

UncannyUK 23 Apr 2014

And now for something completely different...   3

tomdwilly 4 Aug 2013