Over the Border by Saint Etienne


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But in the end, the conversation always turned to music... #FinalJamDay #FinalJamParty #FirstKisses #TerribleChatUpLines #GrowingOlder   14

thisismymistake 25 Sep 2015

"I suspect the Phonogram-iest of Phonogram songs." - Kieron Gillen

mwkelley 3 May 2015

A reminder that Saint Etienne are brilliant.   3

McKelvie 3 Nov 2012

Opening track of the new album. I'm writing Phonogram this week, and this is just perfect for it.

kierongillen 22 May 2012

Over the border, I'm growing older, heaven only knows what's on it's way.

Kid_Dada 29 Jun 2013

I suspect the Phonogram-iest of Phonogram songs.

kierongillen 1 May 2015