Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood by Santa Esmeralda

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'I'm just a soul whose intentions are good'

jubileyn 26 May 2014

Sit still and silent. I challenge you! (Do not ever let me be misunderstood.)   3

pianocake 10 Dec 2012

Let's start the new year off with a bang. Literally. As I type these words, some people outside in my neighborhood are either shooting their guns up in the air or maybe shooting off fireworks. It's New Years Eve. People celebrate it in different ways. Their banging outside reminded me of the percussion in this song, so I'm celebrating the new year by playing loud music loudly. This song was originally written for Nina Simone, and has also been performed by The Animals and countless other musicians. My favorite version is this one by Santa Esmeralda. A friend turned this song on to me by putting it on a mixtape that I probably still have around here some place. You young whippersnappers probably don't know but thirty years ago we didn't have mp3s. We had cassette tapes. We'd make tapes for each other. Took days sometimes to get one just right. Nowadays you just make a playlist and email it. Or go to websites like this. I guess here at TIMJ we're each just making one long mixtape, huh?   4

ZachsMind 1 Jan 2015

Is this #aweekofdisco ? ok, I'll do one.   5

rlazcano 27 Aug 2013