Lullaby Of Birdland by Sarah Vaughan

“Doobee dadda shoop doo waaaaa”

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but iamnightwave was first  

Doobee dadda shoop doo waaaaa   2

flukeystrumpet 17 Sep 2015

Vocal jazz at its very best shout out to Bennett Friedman   2

monophonopoeia 25 Jan 2015

have you ever heard two turtle doves, bill and coo when they love? ♡

amaeamae 14 Sep 2012

Fridayness   2

Kasper 22 Aug 2014

i am regrettable

Duncecap 6 Apr 2015

This is the new favourite song of my 2 yo daughter, so we hear it a lot at home. And I DO mean a LOT !!! She calls it the "beedoobeedoo song". I believe she really enjoyed the scat part when she heard it the first time. Could be worse though, as i do also enjoy the song. It could have been the Frozen song , so I count myself lucky !   3

Degoedel 2 Mar 2015