City's Full (Live) by Savages

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Excited about this week's gig - performing their new album. Here's a live video from last year.   33

johannakoll 7 May 2013

Tips for 2013: This one's a no-brainer, saw them live twice this year and they're bloody brilliant.   8

AJDJ 14 Dec 2012

Some bands are brilliant from day one. The Savages first London gig.

pahudson 24 Jan 2014

I got nothing. It's a song. Brain numb. Noise good.

lycida 9 Aug 2013

The intensity of this album is so, so good. Heavy.   2

aaron_goodall 25 Jul 2013

What needs to be said, this is a live recording and it's absolutely incredible...   1

justmusicilike 24 Feb 2012