She Will by Savages

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but Taikonaut was first  

I like Savages a lot.   3

McKelvie 17 Apr 2013

Savages με αφορμή την εμφάνισή τους στο Plissken Festival για την εβδομάδα αυτή. #plissken2015

SundayFreakshow 7 Jun 2015

A bit rough for a Tuesday.. Oh well, its a new release!   4

alangallart 19 Mar 2013

Track Of The Day (Q323 preview):

QMagazine 2 May 2013

Sounds like it could've been Joy Division. What higher praise could there be?

jacoby 21 Jul 2015

waiting on a second album

asogrady88 22 Apr 2015