“Prompted by the warm weather, I'm revisiting Alpinisms by School of Seven Bells. Pretty much a perfect pop record.”

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Prompted by the warm weather, I'm revisiting Alpinisms by School of Seven Bells. Pretty much a perfect pop record.

jcoglan 2 Aug 2013

Ugh can't get enough of this song

paperbeatstweet 26 Sep 2014

'School of Seven Bells guitarist Benjamin Curtis dies aged 35. The founding member of the band, who was diagnosed with T-cell lymphoblastic lymphoma in February, died on Sunday 29 December in New York, according to a statement left on the School of Seven Bells Facebook page. "While we had hoped to delay this announcement until a more suitable time when his friends and family could feel better prepared and settled to greet any correspondences from folks attempting to reach out, unfortunately the news has prematurely leaked," the statement reads. "So we felt it would be appropriate to at least offer an official acknowledgement from us, in light of all the fans who loved and supported Benjamin and his music." "We will all miss this incredibly talented and rare person every day, but we are fortunate enough that he shared with us his music, and that is something that we can keep forever."' http://www.theguardian.com/music/2013/dec/31/school-of-seven-bells-benjamin-curtis-dies

RIP 1 Jan 2014

I've fallen hardcore in love with Pandora over the last couple of weeks. I've heard so much stuff that I otherwise don't think would have reached me. For someone who loves music so much, I am downright slothful about discovering new bands. tl;dr - These dudes are good. I like this song.

missiscariot 1 Feb 2014

in the dictionary under "melancholy" and "wistful" there's a link to this song   1

jervonyc 13 Mar 2015

I'm ceding my last jam of 2013 (and probably my first of 2014 as well) to the music of Ben Curtis of School of Seven Bells, Secret Machines and Tripping Daisy, who lost his battle with lymphoma on Sunday.

ryangibbs 31 Dec 2013