Wind Of Change by Scorpions

ipekblue’s jam on 11 Sep ’14 and then once after that (See all)

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but nevalent was first  

my childhood memories...   1

ipekblue 11 Sep 2014

Attempt 2: Let's try this one.   4

robyncullwick 12 Apr 2015

Happy 4th! Maybe not the most rock'n song choice, but it reminds me of a special 4th of July night, right after the Berlin wall came down and the cold war was ending. I think it's also fits with the historic changes that our country is going through right now. #progress

EthanWright 4 Jul 2015

Twenty five years since the fallen of the wall...

McRaul55 9 Nov 2014

FIFA's second ranked 'The Team' of Germany will be my last #worldcupjams since that now covers all teams...The thing Argentina has going for them is Messi...The thing Germany has going for them is that Tim Howard is not the goalie. The jam has an interesting backstory...It celebrates the end of the cold war...The scorpions recorded it in Russian and Spanish also   2

Shaka 12 Jul 2014

Another old favorite of mine, I hope you enjoy listening to my weekend choice.

hphelps12 28 Mar 2015