The Struggle by Scroobius Pip


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"My name is xxxxx xxx and I kill people"

olifly 31 Oct 2011

This one's pretty different from normal. Or anything else much I've listened to. But give it time, I think it's brilliant for that reason. The reveal is unexpected and makes me chuckle to myself every time.

matty_rowell 28 Mar 2014

Look at his creepy face in the thumbnail :)   1

EmilyM 21 Jul 2014

Happy Halloween!

gdpreston 29 Oct 2013

I find this song amusing, although I'm not sure how Johnny Depp feels about it. I hope he is not too put out about it as I like his work. I'm going to hash-tag this #twistedtuesday (not sure if it exists already or not). The video is worth watching too. I hope you enjoy. "My Name Is #johnnydepp and..."

dotbeastranger 4 Feb 2014

My name is Johnny Depp and I kill people.   1

nomnomnom 23 Nov 2011