Sukiyaki by Kyu Sakamoto

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Because it's flippin' gorgeous.

phurious 27 Oct 2013

Obsessing about a girl on a bus has produced (at least) two great songs, "Kiss me on the bus" and this one. Don't know why these guys weren't a bigger deal. "One thing that's drivin' me crazy/Your left eye, it's kinda lazy".... #Scottishweek

timmuky 16 Sep 2014

These guys just blow me away. Really distinctive sound, and shot in a great location too...   1

sagecharles 16 May 2012

Current status.

jmac 17 Dec 2012

Studying for my last exam ever (hopefully) to the beats of Shag. @garsidetogo

sunmock 20 Dec 2014

Straya. Bleepy bloop.

jakepratley 2 Jul 2012