Life On Mars? by Seu Jorge

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#njoy The man has a voice like Bowie; recognizable out of millions, like Cash, Cave, Waits, to mention a few (wait I forgot Sinatra!)..look for the other gems on YT; he recorded quite a few of them; even with the phrase; one more time. (and time takes a cigarette..)

pixites 6 Apr 2014

The final weekend of #WorldCup2014 deserves a little Portuguese cover music to go out on. You're welcome.

RainbowJugular 12 Jul 2014

Love the original of this song, and I love this cover. Oh and I love the Life Aquatic.

fladriss 25 Aug 2014

inspired by this article   6

hsmagnet 15 Mar 2015

It's acoustic covers Monday. (Also, Halloween. Say hello to the pinnatus batfish).   7

Han 31 Oct 2011

Just heard on #bbc6music - fantastic. #brazil   1

sricketts1 14 Jun 2014