Oh Carolina by Shaggy

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annapickard 20 Dec 2011

I think this is the radio version rather than the "original raas bumba claat version". SHAGGY!   1

20yearsago 13 Feb 2013

#shaggy #ohcarolina #90skid #takemeback

mylahbatool 17 Jun 2014

Digitizing my mixtapes from the 90's and this came on. Enjoy.

cyberdees 29 Dec 2012

my young 1993 indie self would hate me for this, but this is way better than most of the stuff I was listening to at the time.

thedailygrowl 14 Apr 2014

One summer in Brooklyn, Shaggy was all over the place. And it was a good thing. #naughtyweek

timmuky 23 Jul 2014