Fan The Flames by Sheer Mag

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but Coop was first  

Been jamming to this song every weekend since I heard it

NakedDave02 9 Jul 2015

rock 'n' roll? punk? I don't know but I need to see this band live RIGHT NOW.   8

cello_m 22 Apr 2015

what a solid goddamn pop song

cobra_winfrey 22 Apr 2015

I don't know the name of this (unreleased) song, but I'm preaching the gospel anyway: SHEER MAG. 2015. SHEER FUCKIN' MAG.

Coop 13 Apr 2015

Classic rock riffs through a lo-fi filter all wrapped up with punk attitude. Sheer Mag - Fan The Flames

GoingUndrground 29 Apr 2015

Something new   4

junglerock 22 Apr 2015