Leavin' by Shelby Lynne

“A great performance of a great song”

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A great performance of a great song

sean1 17 May 2015

Since her 6th (!) album... she's my favourite. And this is not even the best one.

azche24 8 Oct 2012

The more I hear - the more I like this lady.   2

rickydicky49 4 May 2013

"...baby, you don't know what love's about." Happy 45th birthday to @ShelbyLynne_68! "Leavin'" Live from Daryl's House @LFDHcom.   4

kzone8 22 Oct 2013

Love 'Live from Daryl's House'. This is my favourite 'find' recently. Ideal for a Sunday morning. (Excuse the Xmas look)

howayman 17 Aug 2014

#FarewellJam   2

nialbriody 19 Sep 2015