Get The Party Started by Shirley Bassey

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“Hell yes.”

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Hell yes.

rackletang 4 Nov 2012

With the new Skyfall song out, it reminded me of Shirley Bassey, and that reminded me of this cover she did.

LoranSkunky 6 Oct 2012


cyberdees 1 Jan 2014

So tomorrow I celebrate being a year older but as an aside it is also an astounding 30 years to the day since my Dad passed away - as such, amongst other things, I've been reflecting on the music he liked and introduced me to. As well as Cliff and Elvis and others he also loved Dame Shirley - I'm sure he would have approved of this one...   25

MadameZia 17 Jan 2015

The Dame does Pink! #favcovers   3

Astromonkey 5 Aug 2014

I want to grow up to be Shirley Bassey.

mink_ette 14 Feb 2015