Light My Fire by Shirley Bassey

“an astonishing arrangement by johnny harris. #dontdissthebassey /cc @lingfieldjeff”

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an astonishing arrangement by johnny harris. #dontdissthebassey /cc @lingfieldjeff   1

erocdrahs 20 Nov 2013

Thanks @Paxster for posting this one. I gladly rejammed this great cover version of Light my fire.

mvergouwen 21 May 2015

Shirley "the voice" Bassey / Light My Fire   1

JanisFelidae 29 May 2012

One last cover song.   1

cid1615 19 Jan 2014

Have been really enjoying this one in a burlesque based fitness class I've been attending.   1

rougewench 28 Apr 2015

Last track played at the birthday party on Saturday night/Sunday morning. Glorious evening.   1

moongolfer 16 Jun 2014