Shame, Shame, Shame by Shirley & Company

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#FunkyFriday Happy weekend. :P   23

natyblooming 13 Jun 2014

In the mid-80s, I was a finely honed athletic type. Well when I say finely honed, I regularly played football, so I was at the peak of my athletic powers. Ok, ok, I was in reasonable nick & pre-match training involved several beers & an earlyish Friday night/Saturday morning. The reason for the return time 'grey area', was a wee bar which had a 2am late licence & 70s disco night. Always packed, always fun. On one such eve, the assembled male oglers, salivated over a rather fetching blonde lass. Charged with a few light ales & realising that no-one else dared engage this 'vision', I rose to the challenge. Red rag to she bull! Surrounded by her friends, my opening gambit was met with a degree of indifference, though she did remove one of the straws from her drink, seductively lick the end of it & place it in my glass. Brilliant! I laughed uproariously & returned to the bosom of my buddies, a bloodied but unbowed hero. I heard this toon today & was right back there in the moment. Love it.   59

21schizoid 2 Jun 2014

disco hit written by Sylvia Robinson in 1974 (   1

brnfigueiredo 28 Jan 2015

The Nixon cover art...sublime.

hartwill 18 Sep 2015

#aWeekOfDisco   17

rhona76 27 Aug 2013

Picked up from a brief snippet on RadioSoulwax's Disco mix, great slice of funk/soul.

OscarWGrut 19 Mar 2012