Safety Net by Shop Assistants

“den perfekta popbiten.”

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den perfekta popbiten.

folkmunnen 27 Apr 2012

John Peel day 3 - somewhat later than planned... From the time I listened obsessively, the C86 thing seemed to be made for my taste and for a while almost every other song on the Peel show sounded a bit like this. All seemingly epic (although rarely reaching 3 minutes) this band deserved bigger and better than time turned out. I think if JP was introducing this he'd probably say, "Now The Shop Assistants, who seem to have cobbled together some kind of a film with this."

djbidup 23 Oct 2013

because we were talking about the Shop Assistants on the South West Coast path the other day   3

Sarah_Records 8 Sep 2013

Signing off with what should have been a worldwide number one smash hit in 1986 and a current staple of 80s nostalgia radio, but is, of course, neither of those things. I was baffled by the rest of the world 30 years ago, and almost certainly still will be if I'm here in 2045.   3

Beatnik_Boy 23 Sep 2015

I wish that we could turn around and start again.

Kristabelle 3 Jul 2012

Can't remember where I heard this, but I loved it instantly.

syl_kn 7 Apr 2013