2Shy by Shura

Maddieman’s jam on 9 Mar ’15 and then once after that (See all)

“Still my jam.”

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Still my jam.

Maddieman 27 Mar 2015


jentoogood 24 Jun 2015

Faux '90s. I fear the Shura obsession may be on a par with the Shadow Shadow obsession of 2013.   1

ElmoBerry 2 Apr 2015

"is taking me so long...."

nowhereboy 9 Jun 2015

It’s taken me so long - maybe I’m just too shy to say it - we could be more than friends, but maybe I’m just too shy...

mattlohkamp 22 Jul 2015

I pray that this is gonna be big. Gorgeous.

IAmMrDexB 30 Apr 2015