Big Girls Cry by Sia

unfortunatalie’s jam on 1 Jul ’14 and then 2 times after that (See all)

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i come home; on my own; check my phone; nothing, though; act busy; order in; pay tv; it's agony

unfortunatalie 5 Jul 2014

Listening to the Sia album for the first time. This is lovely.   1

Olimite 14 Jul 2014

Big girls cry when their hearts are breaking

AliceWTMatter 3 Jun 2015

this may be a lil mainstream for my usual taste but a-) that's not a reason not to like something and b-) mirrors how I feel rn.   1

skb_nz 13 May 2015

Wash away all the things you've taken ♪

_majinboo 13 May 2015   4

christyvale 8 Apr 2015