My Way by Sid Vicious

“So very sad to hear we are losing this fabulous music forum. The interwebs will die a little in September.”

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So very sad to hear we are losing this fabulous music forum. The interwebs will die a little in September.   7

kompani101 10 Aug 2015

Sending 2014 out in style...   1

SeanTAllen 27 Dec 2014

Hot damn I love this track so much...

doyle13 8 Jun 2015

Well, I came in punk, so going out punk - I'm sure ton's of folks have posted this as their farewell don't care as my fiends know I'm a weirdo with loads of tastesgood on them - I almost did going to Cali by LZ, but will do that on LL.. Here's the deal, I can't thank you all individually (though I've been getting those gorgeous goodbye posts)..for me this is NOT the end...TIMJ gave me something in my life that was missing - a connection to real music fans, and I know you're there for me on LL... So, I'll leave it as I came: I did it my way:) See you on the other side - now I just have to figure out how to ensure that my crap is archived:) I love you all -you helped me through so muchIt's not overfind m on LL: still lesakramer5 (oh you know me as the bitch in the beginning that would get pissed if you liked my song but didn't listen) I got over myself. So many friends, comments, love - Thank you all - Oh and forgive Sid for his TERRIBLE vocals - He did it his way:)   30

lesakramer5 24 Sep 2015

Seems appropriate, plus I've been a bit of a puss bag lately! Time to get back to punk roots:) Also who did NOT love Sid and Nancy? One of the best, and ever so sad, (don't do heroin, kids) bio pics! Enjoy...or hold your ears? Much better Sex Pistols songs out there, but just felt the need for this one:) Plus this isn't Sex Pistols, it's Sid...will jam shortly a GREAT SP song - saving up my archive:) May just be an angry puck to the end - we'll see - LOL:)   4

lesakramer5 14 Aug 2015

Alas, Jam is ending soon. So many songs left unsung. Oh, well. As the song goes, I did it my way.   1

jordanroach94 11 Aug 2015