Ísjaki by Sigur Rós


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For me, the most beautiful song among many on this record. It has been with me since the first listen to this record. Even my 5-year old son requested it after only hearing it once - he loves the melody.

stevenburghart 4 Feb 2014

YES, I LOVE Sigur Rós (come what may!! jajaja!). It's a really good new album!!!!!!!!!!! ♫♪

laurafantyz 12 Jun 2013

Great track off their latest album.

dredford 13 Nov 2013

Exquisite joy. From their best album since 'Ágætis byrjun'.   37

Bukowski 19 Jun 2013

From one of my Albums of the Year.   14

Bukowski 16 Dec 2013


r_sparrow 2 Jun 2013