“35 years since this beaut hit the charts.”

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35 years since this beaut hit the charts.   3

MotherFist 11 Jun 2015

Good Morning all! Happy Thursday.. I am going to be doing a few #Songswithgirlsnames and of course I would have to start out with my favorite "Christine" song ..I couldn't do Christine Sixteen by KISS, I used to like that song (probably only because it had my name in it) but, now when I think of that song I just picture a 27 year old Gene Simmons singing about a 16 year old girl.. yuck!! Anyway, Siouxsie song is so much better, so it was never really an option anyway..   16

christineb 22 May 2014

Come and save us Siouxsie Sioux!

Farid 22 Oct 2013

For the strawberry girl.

michelleccowar 29 May 2014

To celebrate a special friend's special birthday this weekend.   2

AndyWilkinson 17 Jul 2014

In my head today.   7

abigail.deeks 22 Feb 2015