Kiss Them For Me by Siouxsie And The Banshees

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but evahopkins was first  

Siouxsie.....Hypnotic and Majestic....always had me like a Hooded Cobra....!   1

fraserclaymore 12 Nov 2014

I don't know why specifically this song is stuck in my head but @daemi got me in a bit of a Siouxsie mood...   3

IndiHatter 23 Jun 2013

The recent reissues have reminded me how ACE this song is.

laptoppingpong 1 Nov 2014

Smashing single, this. Wish I could have jammed the 12" extended version with extra bangla-ness but this Top of the Pops appearance will have to do. #1991   1

UncannyUK 15 May 2014

semi-rejam @brostoevsky

genome 2 Jul 2014

Nothing or no-one will ever make me let you down.   2

bwhitman 15 Mar 2012