Heavy Metal Heart by Sky Ferreira


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"YEAH I'M LOSING MYSELF TALKING TO MYSELF IN THE DARK / AS MY BODY STARTS TO WORK LIKE A MACHINE" There's not much heavy metal about this song, but I love the noise, the light dusting of femmebot imagery, and the march of the beat as she sings that line.

kim 30 Mar 2014

Best song off the album.

KurtSuchman 9 Nov 2013

Feel like I've been waiting forever for the UK release of this album :)

underhandrea 23 Mar 2014

i've been listening to this album at least once a day for the last week?? i just really, really love it.

falulatonks 5 Mar 2014

When my body starts to work like a machine, I can feel the pulse of my heavy metal heart

scottjsullivan 19 Mar 2014

Wow. Not a heavy metal song, exactly, but maybe the pop song you'd write after spending a lot of time lost in your bedroom listening to metal. And maybe a song of the year.

glenn_mcdonald 31 Oct 2013