Toccata by Sky

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A pretty badass rock rendition of one of my favourite classical pieces.

jessman1 7 Jul 2014

Calm down girls, they're married.

goodall1971 27 Nov 2014

This is an amazing rendition of J.S. Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D minor by Sky. Not the UK TV company, but a band formed in the late '70's by (amongst others) classical guitarist John Williams and keyboardist Francis Monkman who was a founder member of 70's prog rock band Curved Air. (Anyone my age remember Back Street Love: , sung by the rather nice Sonja Kristina?)   2

markthedude 7 Sep 2013

Nice upbeat note to finish the week: the drums on this are phenomenal

Bilbobraggins 1 Aug 2014

OK, so ELP did it first with more, ermm, ELP, and Vanessa Mae did it with more, ermm, you know - but this version to me is the one I think Mr Bach would approve. I glossed over these virtuosos in the 80's ( as I did a few things in those years), but recently picked up their first couple of albums which brought them rightly back to my attention :)   7

donuno 23 Nov 2013