Face To Faces by Sleaford Mods

“Old Guys making great, rough,relevant records #2 of #3 (continues tomorrow)”

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Old Guys making great, rough,relevant records #2 of #3 (continues tomorrow)

BeatCity 23 Aug 2015

"Combining elements of hip-hop, punk, and noise, English duo Sleaford Mods specialize in irreverent, driving songs full of palpable anger, like a bastardized midpoint between The Fall and The Streets"

paull_nl 29 Jul 2015

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randomurinetest 13 Jul 2015

One of the few new albums I listened to recently. Maybe too English, but really good!   1

orlindan 2 Aug 2015

Anger management

JohnRoux 13 Aug 2015

Joy Division-style rhythm section beats fronted by a descendant of Mark E. Smith from The Fall; less arty and more direct, however. NSFW. Now, how to let my daughter hear it without knowing I like it. Tricky business, this.

brilliantorange 4 Aug 2015