Pubic hair Ltd by Sleaford Mods

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"I’m sick of all these pissy sellouts, ignoring actuality, that everything that made them great, lost its validity... Who gives a fuck about yesterday’s heroes?". Sleaford Mods are probably the artists the made the most impact last year in my opinion, coming from practically nowhere and exploding onto the live scene playing gigs at just about every city and venue, making headlines with their simple but effective beat and refreshing lyrics telling it exactly as it is, John Cooper Clarke taken to the next level.

jpaylor 1 Jan 2015

My favourite discovery of 2014. The Johnny Marr line is a killer....

anthonyegregory 31 Dec 2014

After hearing the latest piece of trash from (former hero) John Lydon and company I found this song to be particularly appropriate   1

ru12xu 18 Sep 2015