Tell 'Em by Sleigh Bells

“BOOM BOOM PEW PEW for a cold grey winter's morning.”

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BOOM BOOM PEW PEW for a cold grey winter's morning.   1

stml 29 Nov 2011

Listening to Sleigh Bells right now. Perfect CLEAN YA SHIT UP / LOCK YA SHIT DOWN tuneage.   1

theremina 2 Oct 2012

this song gets me so amped, like if I were the leader of an elite all-girl kill squadron this is the song I would play over the barrack loudspeakers every morning and just be like, "We're gonna dropkick some stuff, we're gonna punch through some walls, we're going to conquer the world. "

anna_sims 31 Jul 2013

heck yea

h8yrguts 6 Sep 2013

Friday Music

jokeisup 6 Apr 2012

Just working on my magical girl jam game.

Perspicacity1 27 Sep 2013