Catch the Breeze by Slowdive

“Yes, I can like 'Faster' and this at the same time”

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Yes, I can like 'Faster' and this at the same time

LewJam 16 Sep 2013

Having a 90s shoegaze revival!

Sponster 19 Sep 2012

@slowdiveband are back!

steveparker 28 Jan 2014

with a Rabbit making snoring-chirping-cooing noises next to me while I work from home with a goofed up foot.

alexis 14 Dec 2012

Next up on the Reunion Tour bandwagon, Slowdive. Shoegazer fanboys, repeat after me: Rachel. Goswell.   1

RaymondLuk 29 Jan 2014

Need to start listening to the 2 albums other than Souvlaki. Starting here.

IamAWatka 18 May 2014