Machine Gun by Slowdive

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a perfect song for a slow summer sunday.

_seph 20 Jul 2014

My current reality is one where I realize that Low and Slowdive are playing near me, tomorrow... and I don't even think about trying to get tickets or fidgeting with my schedule. This is why I don't even bother to look up concerts lately. Shameful.   1

alexis 6 Nov 2014

A most beautiful song, gunning for your heart.   11

Lililololaure 28 Sep 2012

Only just really started listening to this band. I like muchly.

iamtomlavin 22 Jan 2012

15desertislandrecords - Disc 5 : I did not know about Slowdive until a year ago or so. In the 90's I was too busy changing nappies and did not have the internet. All changed now! One of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard imo.   4

Lililololaure 9 Feb 2014

Ethereal.   1

waterloo 27 Apr 2013