Let's Go All The Way by Sly Fox

“Jhum-jhum-jimminy, Jhum-jhum-jimminy”

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Jhum-jhum-jimminy, Jhum-jhum-jimminy

mathowie 10 Jul 2013

Anything involving Mudbone from Funkadelic deserves props!

JimmyMonstaFunk 9 Mar 2013

Hadn't heard this in ages. It just came on the stereo and I've been listening to it for half an hour now.   2

KeithTOTP 22 Jan 2013

@bassscape Picture me krumping bro. Picture me krumping   9

mattb07 14 Aug 2013

Zhum zhum. Zinnininny! Zhum zhum. Zinnininny!

werty 27 Sep 2013

Discovered this though http://bit.ly/wLYcs4. Spotify playlist here: http://spoti.fi/wt4fuI   5

Han 3 Jan 2012