Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)) by Sly & The Family Stone

“Happy Wednesday Friends ... Thank you! :)”

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Happy Wednesday Friends ... Thank you! :)

jimleatherman 27 Nov 2013

So now begins the countdown to the end of this wonderful site. I picked this song, because I want to thank all of the people I interacted with in this community. Every one has been so kind and polite, and I haven't encountered that on other online forums. Plus, thanks for sharing all the fantastic music that you have, and making my work day much, much better listening to the fine variety of jams that you all select. I'll miss the camaraderie here quite a bit. I know that they'll be turning the lights off soon, but I'll keep jamming until the end. Hope you all do too. Thanks again.   11

kfarrnd 10 Aug 2015


cosmicdon 6 Nov 2014

Many things is on my mind. Words is in the way.   4

OnlySimonLucas 6 Apr 2015

Saw 'the family stone' in a small glasgow room above the ABC last sunday night. Again on the Glasgow Jazz Festival bill. Haven't stopped smiling yet.

designthinker5 3 Jul 2015

Larry Graham with some killer bass lines...

jasonwryan 29 Feb 2012