Tin Soldier by Small Faces

tpjdavies’s jam on 2 Jan ’14 and then 2 times after that (See all)

“It's just the perfect blend of rock and soul.”

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It's just the perfect blend of rock and soul.   11

tpjdavies 2 Jan 2014

This is ALWAYS my jam!

funkyjenn 6 Dec 2011

OK, I know you've heard this lots. But, after 100 Jams I really ought to have an "Eternal Jam" posted. Well, this is just one of them!! In my opinion it has the best 40 seconds start and 40 seconds finish to a song ever, and the middle is great as well! Along with (probably) the greatest, rock front man the UK has ever produced and the sublime (in every way) P.P. Arnold. What's not to love? #BestIntro #BestOutro   42

mikelowe 2 Dec 2013

the new box set coming out looks good   8

psyclopstrees 21 Mar 2014

Do I need a reason to choose such a classic song?   1

devious31 1 Aug 2015

A beautifully soulful tune to finish on.Probably the third time I've jammed it but it still sounds fresh.Thanks to TIMJ team for their hard work and to all the jammers who have posted great music.Hope to see you on God's Jukebox.   22

tpjdavies 25 Sep 2015