Bathysphere by Smog

“stuck in my head for days”

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stuck in my head for days

interrobang 27 Jun 2012


unfortunatalie 5 Mar 2014

R prefers the Cat Power cover (I believe he used the adorable term "Moogy goodness"), no surprise there, but this came up today along with a bunch of other music I haven't listened to in ages (spring's in the air, and with it a general uplifting mood and excitement over things I'd forgotten about) and I was like, man old Smog, you alright.

ifjuly 20 Feb 2014

Emotions, it provides me.   1

pheon 29 Jul 2013

Love the mood...Merry Christmas ;-0

pheon 26 Dec 2013

College is a palindrome. Try it. College is a palindrome.   5

Matt_Hecht 22 Jan 2013