The Well by Smog

“A true story someone else wrote”

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A true story someone else wrote   1

bwhitman 4 Jun 2014

I guess everybody has their own thing that they yell into a well.

twinfountain 22 Apr 2013

Not a month goes by that I don't think about this song.

douglaswolk 7 Jun 2014

This track comes from the 2005 album A River Ain't Too Much To Love. It was originally intended to be the first album credited to Bill Callahan but it turned out to be the last album credited to Smog. Callahan generally has a theme that runs through his best work and on this album, that theme is water. Callahan's spirited vocals on this song are only one of the reasons I find it so captivating.

AheadByEcho 13 Jun 2014

A HUGE thank you to @laurasnapes and @subotnick for introducing me to this.   2

stuarthoughton 25 Mar 2013