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jonnyneale5 31 Jul 2015

lalah's voice in all its otherworldly glory.

nuriha 9 Oct 2013

Blimey. Pretty solid backing band.

mylesrun 21 Nov 2014

WHAAAAAAAT!!!! I've never heard anyone do anything remotely similar to what this woman does in the last part of the song. Is that a self-sung two-note harmonics?!?! Where do snarky puppy find these people!   1

Parleone 3 Nov 2013

The build up, the groove and the amazing voice talent of Lala. Whenever I need a pickup, this tune gets me there everytime!

andreasgutjahr 4 Nov 2014

Oh God, oh God, OH GOD! Entirely awesome — but check out 6:12 onwards… SHE SINGS A CHORD!!!!!!!!!! The musicians' faces are a joy!   4

bibilynch 18 Oct 2013