6 Underground by Sneaker Pimps

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but jclyne56 was first  

Off their first album Becoming X. The Pimp's second album Splinter was fantastic, but they dropped Kelli Ali as lead singer. Her voice has that pixie type quality that I missed on their projects since.   17

christineb 6 Aug 2014

Listening to A LOT of trip-hop in recent times...   6

flame_me_up 27 Jul 2015

Tip-top pop trip-hop, continuing my loose theme of 'shut up, it wasn't released that long ago, I'm not listening to you, lalalala'.   7

crawtonleek 21 Mar 2014

Classic 90's music video nonsense! What ever happened to spaghetti straps and spinning chairs?   5

Loosqueal 2 Jun 2013

Classic.   6

wilwheaton 22 Sep 2014