New York by Snow Patrol

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this song jut projects perfection   2

laurenchurcher 26 Apr 2012

... because I want to move to New York.

davidevans 5 Dec 2013

the long nights and / the walls of the ocean / and the fire that is starting to go out.

salvatoreswift 16 Aug 2013

I'd tell you that it's simple and it was only ever thus, there is nowhere else that I belong.

coldarrow 25 Aug 2014

Currently SO obsessed with SP that I couldn't decide for one song as my jam, but New York it is because I just absolutely love it!! As I do with 235237 of their songs too so watch out for more of them in the next time (:

julethecookie 11 Sep 2014

'If the curve of you was curved on me I'd tell you that I loved you Before I even knew you 'Cause I loved the simple thought of you'

busanprincess 20 Oct 2014