Sea Creatures by SOAK

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but jonnydont was first  

So very cute. #Ireland   4

abigail.deeks 18 Mar 2015

you should have heard her singing in the cathedral #CNB12

jonnydont 22 Sep 2012

This is one to watch. Aside from the fact that she is from Ireland (makes you perfect in my book) she is a wee 16 years old. Her lyrics are whimsical, yet poignant.   4

christineb 25 May 2013

Throw it around like it's worthless.

alan 14 Jul 2015

Have a good week guys   4

NakedDave02 1 Jun 2015

Sea creatures / interfere / wish they would disappear /// Oh look, TIMJ is online for three more weeks. We return to your regular scheduled jamming.

c3o 6 Sep 2015